Abdelkader Saila is a Research Assistant Professor,University of Djelfa,Algeria

Abdelkader Saila

Research Assistant Professor

Organizing committee


University of Djelfa


As a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of chemistry for more than sixteen years, I taught courses of General Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Surface Treatment, Chemistry of Solids and Analytical Chemistry to student of Chemistry and Biology. In addition, I supervised and contributed in Bachelor's, Engineer’s and Master's dissertations.


  • Abdelkader SAILA, Milan STIKA, Michael SIMPSON, Contribution in the understanding of uranium behavior in LiCl-KCl molten eutectic by electrochemical techniques, In preparation
  • Benalia YABRIR, Abdelkader SAILA , Nawel MEKENEZ , Mohamed HACHI, Mohamed HAMIDI, Blel AZOUZI, Iodine content and quality of dietary salts marketed in the Djelfa region, Nutr. Santé, 2018, Vol. 07, N°02:54-62.
  • A. Saïla, M. Gibilaro, L. Massot, P. Chamelot, P. Taxil, A.M. Affoune, Electrochemical behavior of dysprosium (III) in LiF-CaF2 on Mo, Ni and Cu electrodes, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 642 (2010) 150-156.
  • A.M. Affoune, A. Saïla, J. Bouteillon, J.C. Poignet, Electrochemical behavior of silver and rhenium electrodes in molten alkali fluorides, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry (2007) 37:155–160.


  • PhD in Electrochemistry University of Annaba (Algeria) & Toulouse (France) 11/2001-07/2010
  • Master of Sciences in Industrial Chemistry, Option: Analysis University of Guelma, Algeria. 10/1997-11/2001
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry (High Studies Diploma), University of Batna, Algeria. 09/1991-06/1997


Electrochemistry; Molten salts; Materials Preparation; Nuclear Materials; Water Treatment;


  • 18 months- Exceptional Plan National PhD Scholarship (ENP) of the Algerian Government Chemical Engineering Laboratory LGC, Toulouse, France. 12/2006 - 06/2008.
  • 6 months- Fulbright Scholar Program for visiting Researcher The University of Utah, Nuclear Pyrometallurgy Laboratory. 10/2017– 04/2017


  • A. Saïla, P. Taxil, P. Chamelot, L. Massot, A.M. Affoune, , The 5th International Congress on Materials Science and Engineering, Study of electrochemical behavior of dysprosium on molybdenum electrode in LiF-CaF2 eutectic, November 22-24, 2008, Guelma, Algeria.
  • A. Saïla, A.M. Affoune, F. Kesri, J. Bouteillon, J.C. Poignet, Determination of standard potentials of metallic electrochemical systems by linear voltammetry and semi-integration, The 7th National Congress of the Algerian Chemical Society (ACS), May 16-8, 2006, Oran, Algeria.
  • A.M. Affoune, A. Saïla, J. Bouteillon, J.C. Poignet, Electrochemical Behavior of silver and rhenium electrodes in molten alkali fluorides, 7th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering, October 3-5, 2005, Toulouse, France.