Amarjit Singh Sarpal  is a General Manager(R&D),Optical Control System,Germany

Amarjit Singh Sarpal

General Manager(R&D)

Organizing committee


Optical Control System


Dr. A S Sarpal is an expert with 40 years of diverse experience in the different disciplines of Analytical Sciences of development and characterization of petroleum and related products, catalysts, polymers and biofuels (biodiesel and renewable diesel from vegetable oils, microalgae and yeast).


Present position: Head Quality Control Labs, Panipat Refinery-Petrochemical complex, Panipat, Haryana, India, w.e.f  November 2017(Employee of Optical Control System (OCS), Germany)


Presently, Dr. A S Sarpal (MSc., Ph.D Chemistry) is head of quality control labs, Optical Control System, Germany, located at Panipat refinery-Petrochemical complex, India). He is an expert with 42 years of diverse experience in the different disciplines of Analytical Sciences of development and characterization of petroleum and related products, catalysts, polymers and biofuels (vegetable oils, microalgae, yeast).Superannuated from Indian Oil Corporation as GM(R&D). He has a strong aptitude and passion in unraveling mystery in chemistry by the application of sophisticated analytical techniques such as NMR, IR, chromatograph, X-Ray(XRD & XRF), Electron spectroscopy(TEM, SEM, ESCA) and metal analyses (ICAP, ICP-MS, AAS).He has developed new 50 analytical methods, written 200 internal technical reports and published 142 research papers in the reputed journals and conference proceedings. He has also worked at University of Illinois in 2011on a project biofuels from microalgaes. Completed research project on study of biodiesel potential of microalgae, yeast, and vegetable oils at INMTRO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 2012 to 2015.


Total 142 (96 in the peer review Journals, and 46 in the proceedings
of conferences

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  3. Biodiesel and Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) potential of Microalgae biomass-a short review. A.S. Sarpal, Claudia MLL Teixeira, Paulo RM Silva, Valnei S. Cunha. Res Dev Material Sci. 2019, 10(4), 1-12. RDMS.000744.2019. DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.000744.2019.
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  6. Monitoring of Development of Certified Reference Material of Biodiesel by High Field NMR Spectroscopic Techniques. A. S. Sarpal, Paulo R. M.Silva, Thays V. Monteiro, Mauricio Fonseca, Valnei S. Cunha and Romeo J. Daroda, J. Scientific and Industrial Metrology, 2016, 1(3:12):1-25.
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  1. Analytical Techniques
  2. NMR
  3. IR
  4. GC-MS
  5. Petroleum
  6. Biofuels
  7. Microalgae
  8. Polymer
  9. Food Products
  10. Vegetable Oils

Current Research Interest in Microalgae and Vegetable oils and Petrochemicals

  1. Study of Biodiesel potential of algae and yeast biomass, and vegetable oils by Analytical Techniques.
  2. Food quality and biodiesel potential of lipids from microalgae and vegetable oils
  3. Monitoring of cultivation process for Lipid content and quality aspects for biodiesel and value-added products such as PUFA, Beta carotenes, etc. by NMR, FTIR, GCMS, etc.
  4. Molecular structure elucidation, characterization and quality aspects of biodiesel from microalgae and vegetable oils
  5. Quality aspects of vegetable oils
  6. Biodiesel and PUFA  potential of microalgae biomass
  7. Effect of nutrient on the yield and quality of microalgae biomass 
  8. Monitoring of cultivation process for enhancement of yield efficiency and biodiesel potential meeting ASTM specification.
  9. Development of new analytical methods for the study of biofuel potential of vegetable oils and biomass.
  10. Screening of Microalgae strains for highly productive with enhanced biodiesel and product potential
  11. Lipid content and profiling for fatty acid analysis, identification, and quantification.
  12. Efficient extraction of neutral lipids by ultrasonic solvent extraction.
  13. Production of certified reference materials for Microalgae
  14. Quality control of petrochemicals (Polymers: PP, PE)


  1. He is a recipient of National Petroleum Management for Creativity & Innovation Program - Award of excellence
  2. PCRA energy conservation award for exemplary work in energy conservation, and many best paper presentation awards.
  3. Awarded Wolff Kishner Research Award in Analytical Chemistry for the year 2015,
  4. Award of excellence by the International Agency for Standards and Rating, USA.