Aristidis Michael Tsatsakis  is a Professor,University of Crete,Greek

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Professor, Academician Aristidis Tsatsakis, PhD, ERT, DSc, FATS, DHonC, DHonC, DHonC, HonProf, FMRAS, FMWAS is the Director of the Department of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences of the Medical School at the University of Crete and the University Hospital of Heraklion.

Prof Tsatsakis has published well over 1000 works (articles in journals, books and abstracts proceedings), over 500 of them in ISI journals. He is the holder of several patents and has an extensive array of citations (over 12,000 GS) and reads /downloads (over 80,000 RG) of his papers. His current IF index is 54 (GS) and 43 (ISI).

Prof Tsatsakis has given over 200 keynote and plenary lectures in international congresses and has been the promoter and chair of numerous Symposiums and workshops in International Forum. He has coordinated as a PI in over 60 scientific research and technology projects and has established worldwide collaborations.

Prof. Tsatsakis has a long-standing activity as Editor in toxicology journals, he is currently Editor in chief of Toxicology Reports and editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology and has served as editor and guest editor in many other journals, such as Toxicology, Food and Chemical Toxicology, Toxicology Letters.

Aristides Tsatsakis was elected EUROTOX President-Elect in 2012 served as President (2014-2016) of the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology. Prof. Tsatsakis is Emeritus Professor for the Federal Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology in Moscow (2014), Doctor Honorary Causa of the Mendeleev Moscow University (2016), of the Far East Federal University (FEFU), Vladivostok 2017 and of the Carol Davila, in Bucharest (2017). In 2016 he was elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Russia (FMRAS), in 2017 Foreign Member of Fellow Academy of Toxicological Sciences (FATS, USA) and in 2018 Full Member of The World Academy of Sciences (FMWAS). In 2017 he was elected Honorary Member of Bulgarian Toxicology Society and in 2018 Honorary President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine (E.I.Nu.M.) and Honorary Member of EUROTOX.

Aristides Tsatsakis is also the inspirator, founder and chief scientific leader of the University of Crete spin-off Company ToxPlus S.A. The main research interests of Professor Tsatsakis include biomonitoring and risk assessments of xenobiotics as well as links of chronic exposure to them at low doses with health problems and diseases. He developed numerous biomarkers of exposure and of effects for various chemicals, in particular pesticides, pharmaceuticals, etc., uncovering the mechanistic understanding of the mode of action and adverse outcome pathways leading to clinical effects and chronic diseases (metabolic, autoimmune, cancer etc.)

Professor Tsatsakis’ long-standing public activities in disseminating science for safety health and wellbeing of the society and the environment have often been endorsed and awarded by state and municipal authorities. His motivation and basic concept highlights the important role of academia involvement in social life problems. The postulation of real-life risks simulation based on low dose combined long term exposures related to health issues, is a crucial element and the central driving force for application of theory to practice on safety evaluations in 21 century. 


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2006 - D.Sc.: Biology Toxicology, Modern Toxicological and Modificational Aspects of Xenobiotics, Russian Academy of Science.

1986 - PhD: Organic Chemistry, Mendeleyev University, Moscow. Thesis: Synthesis and reactivity studies in the series of mercaptomethyl carboxy and methoxy carboxy derivatives of naphtalene. Advisor: Lisitsyn VN

1982 - MSc: Chemistry, Mendeleyev University, Moscow. Thesis: Chemical transformations and bioactivity of 2,7- and 2,6- naphthalene thio (oxy)acetic acids. Advisor: Lisitsyn VN

1980 - BSc: Chem. Engineering, Mendeleyev University of Chemistry, Moscow. 


  • Development of Analytical Methods for Testing of Drugs and Xenobiotics.
  • Human Biomonitoring
  • Monitoring and Biomonitoring of Xenobiotics in the Ecosystem
  • Chronic Exposure to Xenobiotics and Impact on Human Health and Linking to Diseases
  • Development of Macromolecular and Nano Systems for Targeting and Reducing Toxicity of Drugs
  • Telomeres Length
  • Chronic Diseases and Aging
  • Focus on Biomarkers and Modulation of Telomerase
  • Forensic and Clinical Issues of Anabolic and Drugs of Abuse.
  • Nanomedicine - Nanotoxicology 



  1. Full Member of The World Academy of Sciences (FMWAS) - 2018
  2. Honorary President, European Institute of Nutritional Medicine (E.I.Nu.M.) - 2018
  3. Honorary Member, Federation of European Toxicologists & European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX) - 2018
  4. Honorary Member, Bulgarian Toxicology Society - 2017
  5. Honorary Doctor Causa, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest - 2017
  6. Honorary Doctor Causa, Federal Far East University, Vladivostok - 2016
  7. Honorary Doctor Causa, Mendeleev Moscow University in Russia - 2016
  8. Foreign Member of the National Russian Academy of Science, Academician RAS - 2016
  9. Emeritus Professor, Erisman Russian Federal Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology - 2014
  10. President of EUROTOX, Federation of European Societies of Toxicology - 2014-2016


  1. Diploma with Distinction (Excellency), Mendelejev University (1982).
  2. European Science Foundation Fellowships in Toxicology, (1993, 1994)
  3. Gold Metal, Eminent Scientist, Int.Research Promotion Council (IRPC) (2001)
  4. Executive and Nomination Committee member, EUROTOX (2004-2012)
  5. Advisor Int Program Chemical Safety (IPCS), WHO (2002)
  6. Merit Award BIONANOTOX Symposiums (2016)
  7. Award of Excellence, MED Solutions, International group (2016).
  8. Foreign Member of the National Russian Academy of Science, Academician RAS (2016)
  9. Emeritus President Hellenic Society of Toxicology (2017)
  10. Merit Award Greek Ministry of Agriculture (2017) 



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  • Editor in Chief Toxicology Reports (2017)
  • Elsevier - Editor of Food Chemical Toxicology (FCT) (2013-Now)
  • Elsevier - Guest Editor of Toxicology Letters (2 special issues)
  • Elsevier  - Guest Editor  of Toxicology (1 special issue)
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