Ghassem Amoabediny  is a Professor,University of Tehran,Iran

Ghassem Amoabediny


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University of Tehran


Prof. Dr. Amoabediny has an initial background in chemical engineering and graduated from university  Tehran  (Iran)  and  Technische  Hochschule  (RWTH)-Aachen  University  and  post doctorial from (RWTH)-Medical University (Germany) and Kaiserslautern (Germany). During his master and PhD he focused on the Biochemical Engineering –Biotechnology and during his post doctoral focused on Nano biotechnology and biomedical engineering.


He is a scientific member at the Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical  Engineering Faculty of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering from 2001 to present at the University of Tehran. He is (co)author of over 200 scientific papers in international journals and conference records and holder of 06 patents/patent applications (more than 85 papers in International Journals and  06  international Congress and 06 national congresses).  He has several international projects with VUM Amsterdam,  (RWTH)-Aachen University,  Gent  University (Belgium) and also a collaboration with scientist from  York University of Canada.  


Also, he is Guest  Full Professor of Biomedical  /Nanobiotechnology at VUmc Amsterdam and a member of the joint nanobiotechnology group and administrator of bioreactor at VUMC-Amsterdam.  


He is editor of several international journals of Fermentation Technology and editorial board of Archives of Neuroscience and reviewer of Journal of Material Science and Engineering C. He has been manager  and  scientific  board  for  several  national  projects  on  the  basis  of  regenerative medicine,  bone tissue engineering,  lung tissue engineering,  artificial organs (lung,  kidney), nanobiosensors and nanobiofunctional particles for separation.


He has more than 06 national patents and 06  US patents which one of them has been granted.  He  was  as  an  assistant professor in University of Tehran in Department of Chemical Engineering from 2007 to 2010 and also Dean of Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST) from 2010 to 2012 in University of  Tehran and President  of  Science and Technology Park from 2008 to 2011 in University  of  Tehran  and  Vice  president  of  Research  from  2011  to  2014  in  University  of Tehran and Director of Research Centre of New Technologies in Life Science Engineering (UTLSE)  in  University  of  Tehran  and  professor  in  University  of  Tehran  Department  of Chemical Engineering from 2006 to present in university of Tehran.  


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and many more


  1. Bachelor degree - Chemical Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran
  2. Master degree - Chemical Engineering-Biotechnology from University of Tehran, Iran
  3. PhD degree  - Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH)-Aachen 


  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Bone Tissue Engineering
  • Lung Tissue Engineering
  • Artificial Organs (lung,  kidney)
  • Nanobiosensors and Nanobiofunctional particles for separation
  • Millibioreactor
  • Microbioreactor
  • Nanobioreactor
  • Decellularization and recellularization soft tissues using bioreactor
  • Bioreactor for stem-cell production
  • Nano liposome Producer
  • Several Liposomal Products (such as: Liposomal Amphotericin B/ Fe/ VEGF/ Zinc/ Doxorubicin/ 
  • Nanobioseparator
  • Out-of-Body-Artificial lung, Oxygenator
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Biosensors
  • Artificial Blood 


  • 2019  Selected  as  sixth  place  at  the  first  national  event  designing  and  manufacturing  rapid  detection sensors at the Vice Presidential Office of Science and Technology, Biotech Staff, Iran.
  • 2018  Successful faculty member in gaining international status, University of Tehran, Iran.
  • 2015  University  of  Tehran  Award  for  Innovation,  “New  device  for  nano-bioseparator  device  based  on nano-magneto particles for biofluidics”, 15th Research Festival  of University of Tehran,  Iran,  80th Anniversary of University of Tehran 
  •  2013  University  of  Tehran  Award  for  Excellence  in  Coordination  of  International  (European)  Scientific Collaboration, International Festival, Iran 
  • 2011  Project  award,  L.B.N.  Sina  Festival,  ex  vivo  artificial  lung,  Medical  Sciences  Tehran  University (MSTU), Iran 
  • 2010  Minister of Science and Technology Project award, 11th festival of celebration of top researchers and technologists, national project of targeted drug delivery to cancer cells, Iran  
  • 2010  Vice-president  in  Science  and  Technology  (Iran)  selected  technological  achievements  on  knowledge for production of nano-drugs based on nano-liposome technology, Iran   
  • 2009  Shahid Chamran Prize for micro-bioreactor project, Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship Festival, University of Tehran, Iran  
  • 2007  Innovation  project  selected  by  1)  the  Vice-president  in  Science  and  Technology  (Iran), “technological project of milli-bioreactor”, and 2) University of Tehran, Iran  
  • 1993  First rank in bachelor studies, University of Tehran, Iran (#1 in Chemical Engineering)  


  1. Development of large bone tissue: Development of large 3D bone tissue constructs by integration of cells on 3D scaffolds in intelligent bioreactors, 2015,  VU University Medical Center Amsterdam and Academic Center for Dentistry (ACTA) Amsterdam. 
  2. Treatment  of  osteosarcoma  metastases:  Design  preparation  of  siRNA  and  doxorubicin  loaded  Nano- liposomes  in  order  to  targeted  delivery  to  osteosarcoma  cell  line,  2014.  VU  University  Medical Center Amsterdam and Academic Center for Dentistry (ACTA) Amsterdam.
  3. Performance  of  portable  artificial  kidney:  investigation  on  the  performance  nano-biodialyzer  system  for  a portable  artificial  kidney,  2014-present  (Prof.dr.  K.  Mottaghy,  Dept  Physiol,  RWTH  Aachen  University, Germany) 
  4. Simulation  and  experimental  methods  for  optimizing  oxygenator  performance,  2007-2013,  Prof.dr.  K. Mottaghy, Dept Physiol, RWTH Aachen University, Germany). 
  5. Access to knowledge-technical manufacture nano-systems, nano-bio-sensors for diagnosis of osteoporosis, 2013-present (Prof.dr. Iahn, University of Ghent, Belgium) 
  6. Access to technical knowledge and design of novel nanobiosensor for detection of metastasic cancer cells, 2010-2014 (Dr. E. Ghafarzadeh: Dept Electr Engin & Computer Sci, York University, Toronto, Canada)