R C Gupta  is a Pro Vice Chancellor ,Nagaland Central University,India

R C Gupta

Pro Vice Chancellor

Organizing committee


Nagaland Central University


Prof. Ramesh C. Gupta is the Pro Vice Chancellor in the Nagaland University, India. He has recived his degree of M.Sc and Ph.D Chemistry from Lucknow University. He has the experience of 40 yrs and is Professor since 2000. He has delivered inaugural & keynote lecture, plenary & invited talks, chaired technical sessions and is the editorial board member of many journals.


Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and Drug Development, Chemistry and Toxicology of natural substances, nutriceuticals & functional food, amino-acid in nutrition, taurine, analogues and Biological actions, soil heath., environmental Biotechnology aspects, Science popularization & education and gender issues.


  1. French Govt. special high level Fellowship to do research in France
  2. Research Associate ship, University of Arizona, Tucson USA
  3.  Uhera Memorial Fellowship for Research in Japan
  4. Brain Pool Scientist Kyung Hee University , Korea
  5. Visiting Professorship, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
  6. Sugita gold award to do research at Nagoya University Japan
  7. Visiting faculty Department of Linkoping University Sweden
  8. Visiting Prof Korean Advance Inst of Sci. & technology (KAIST) Korea
  9. Visiting Prof University of Western Sydney Australia
  10. Visiting Prof University of Mons Belgium
  11. Visiting Prof University of Bergen Norway


A Indian council of Chemists

B International college of Nutrition

C Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy

D Indian Society for Agric-bio chemists.   

     E Indian Chemistry Society besides life member in several