Shi Xue Dou is a Research Ambassador for China and Distinguished Professor,Australia,University of Wollongong

Shi Xue Dou

Research Ambassador for China and Distinguished Professor

Organizing committee

University of Wollongong



Shi Xue Dou is the founding Director of ISEM and has been successful in establishing ISEM. He has been proactive in promoting collaborations – uniting industry, and national and international institutions – and has played a pivotal leadship role in the materials science community. He has focussed his research on electronic and energy storage materials, as well as their applications for commercialization and industry transformation. His pioneering work in this field has had a significant and sustained impact on both the scientific community and industry.


Throughout his career Prof. Dou has been an excellent and dedicated mentor to many PhD students and early career researchers. He has adapted the Taoist philosophy: let nature takes its own course. This gives all researchers and PhD students freedom to explore their ingenuity, creativity, and faith in themselves. As a result, a new generation of researchers has become group leaders in their own right. UOW is responsible for 35% of Australian research output and 40% of the Australian citations on sodium/lithium-ion battery and 65% for magnesium diboride superconductor research outputs and citations. ISEM has  contributed 60% to UOW’s Nature Index Ranking score, 46% of its top 1% highly cited publications, 60% of the highly cited researchers, and 30% of the ARC funding to UOW in the past three years.


He is program leader for Automotive CRC 2020 and ongoing  ARENA Smart Sodium Storage System program. He has supervised more than 98 PhD students to completion and more than 60 postdoctoral and visiting fellow who have been widely spread within five continents.  




More than 100 plenary, keynote, and invited talks at international conferences and institutions. 


  • 1984 PhD  Chemistry, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
  • 1998 DSc  Published work on High Temp. Supercond., University of New South Wales  


  1. 2019 Australian Order of Member by the Governor of General of Australia  
  2. 2018 Highly Cited Researcher in Materials Science, named by Clarivate, Thomson Reuters
  3. 2018 Life Achievement Award from the Australia-China Science and Technology Association  
  4. 2014- Distinguished Professor, University of Wollongong
  5. 2013 One of three finalists for the Eureka Award for Outstanding Mentoring 
  6. 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Partnership Award, University of Wollongong
  7. 2010 One of three finalists for the Eureka Scientific Leadership Award
  8. 2008 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award for Senior Researchers, UOW
  9. 2007-2012 Australian Professorial Fellowship awarded by the ARC, UOW
  10. 2004 Australian Engineering Excellence Award in the highly commended category
  11. 2003 Australian Centenary Medal for Contributions to Materials Science and Engineering, issued by the Prime Minister
  12. 2002-2006 Australian Professorial Fellowship awarded by the ARC, UOW
  13. 1994- Elected as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering
  14. 1993-1997 ARC Senior Research Fellowship, UNSW and UOW   
  15. 2019- Academy fellow of Academician Work Station at Shanghai Creative Superconductor Ltd, PRC  
  16. 2019- Honorary Professor, Qing dao University of Science and Technology, PRC
  17. 2019- Honorary Professor, Qing Dao University, PRC
  18. 2019- Honorary Professor, Xiang Tan University, PRC 5.  2019- Honorary Professor, Hunan University, PRC
  19. 2019- Honorary Professor, Central South University, PRC
  20. 2018- Honorary Professor, Tian Jin University, Tianjin PRC
  21. 2015- Honorary Professor,  Fu Zhou Materials Institute of  CAS
  22. 2015- Honorary professor, Kunming University of Science and Technolog, Kuming, PRC  
  23. 2014- Honoray Professor, Ji Lin University, Ji Lin, PRC
  24. 2014- Honorary professor, Fujian Insitute of Research on Structure of Materials, Fujian, PRC
  25. 2014- Honorary Professor, Baili Institute, Tianjin, PRC  
  26. 2014- Honorary Professor, Si Chuan University, Cheng Du, PRC  
  27. 2013- Honorary Professor, Ningbo Insitute of materials Science and Technology, Ningbo, PRC
  28. 2011-Visiting Professor, Hua Qiao University, Fujian, PRC
  29. 2011- Chief Honorary Advisor, Zhuo Yi Technology Ltd, PRC
  30. 2010- Visiting Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)
  31. 2008- Visiting Professor, Hubei University, Wuhan, PRC
  32. 2007- Visiting Professor, Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS, Beijing, PRC
  33. 2007- Visiting Professor, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology, CAS, Shanghai, PRC
  34. 2006-  Visiting Professor, Beijing Uinversity of Science and Technology, PRC
  35. 2005-  Visiting Professor, Wuhan University, China
  36. 2004-  Visiting Professor, Shanghai University, Shanghai, PRC
  37. 2001-  Visiting Professor, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Beijing, PRC
  38. 1999-  Honorary Professor, Tian Jin Nano-Technology Institute, Tuin Jin, PRC  
  39. 1998-  Visiting Professor, Chemistry Promotion Center of National Sci. Council, RC, Taiwan
  40. 1998-  Visiting Professor, Nankai University, PRC
  41. 1991    Visiting Professor, Department of Engineering, Exeter University, UK
  42. 1989    Visiting Professor, Department of Mater. Sci. & Eng., Lulea University, Sweden 


  1. Honorary Chair of the International Symposium of Future Materials, Australia (2019)
  2. Honorary Chair of the 2017 International Energy Conference in Shanghai, China (2017)
  3. Honorary Chair of the 2016 International Battery Symposium, Australia (2016)
  4. Guest editor for a special issue of Energies (2015)
  5. President of the Federation of Chinese Scholars Association, Australia (2013-2014)
  6. Member of the College of Experts, Australian Research Council (ARC) (2012-)
  7. Member of the Advisory Committee for NPG Asia Materials (2008-)
  8. Member of the Advisory Board of Superconductor Science & Technology, UK (1992-1998)
  9. Associate Editor of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (2008- )
  10. Associate Editor for Rare Earth Metals (2007-)
  11. Guest editor for two special issues of Supercond. Sci. Technol. (1998, 2004) 
  12. Board member of the International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) (2004-2011)
  13. Member of the Advisory Committee of Overseas Scientists to the National Council of China (2006)
  14. Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Materials Science and Technology (2002- )
  15. Member of the International Advisory Board for CIMTEC (2006)
  16. Founding President and Honorary President of the Ausinan Sci. and Tech. Soc. (1995-7, 1998-2001)
  17. Chair of the Topical International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC, 2004)
  18.  Chair of the Int. Symposium on Processing and Critical Current of HTS, Australia (1998)
  19. Member of the Advisory Board for the Int. Union of Materials Research Societies-ICA-97
  20. Member of the Advisory Board for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Int. Confs. on New3 SC (1997-2004)